"We only sell original, branded cosmetics. This is the philosophy of the store. Famous producers care about the quality of their products, using proven components for their production. This is especially important because cosmetics with direct contact with our skin affect our health. They are produced under appropriate conditions, and before they reach the market, they are tested, among others, for being allergenic. This cosmetic, perfume or cream is simply safe."

Perfumeries operating on the internet can provide a lower price than traditional luxury perfumeries, which have to pay the cost of the boutique and the employing shopping assistants. Abiding by the rules and obtaining from legal sources, just as traditional perfumeries, you can not go below a certain price level. Therefore, you should be careful with all offers of "cheap perfumes".

We often find counterfeits sold under names reminiscent of well-known brands. These are fragrance compositions resembling (really to varying degrees) the original fragrance. Often, the packaging, the label and the bottle itself resembles the original one. Everything, however, is maintained in such a way as to avoid an accusation (maybe a lawsuit?). That is why they are known as "alternative fragrances". Such a small nuance: the perfume seems to be known, but it's different.

A separate category of fake perfumes has emerged – so-called "poured" or "filled" perfumes that have been available for several years now. You can purchase any capacity that is bottled in your presence or in a "professional" laboratory. Sellers often encourage clients by saying that it's "the same perfume (here the famous name falls), only cheaper due to the lack of expensive packaging". On the other hand, when asked about the sale of counterfeit goods, they explain that these are only fragrance compositions reminiscent of known fragrances and sold under their own brand in their own flacon. In this case, the statement "everyone sees what they buy" is particularly deceitful.

The worst thing is in the case of fake goods in the proper sense of the word. The same brand, name, packaging, bottle – often indistinguishable from the original. Depending on the "quality" of their production, the smell can be indistinguishable for an ordinary person. To protect yourself against the purchase of such a counterfeit, be careful when the price is suspiciously low and, of course, do not buy such products in suspicious places.

When buying such products, you should consider whether it is worth taking such risk. Although the price is low, disappointment with its fragrance and its durability may turn out to be the slightest worry. Worse if its use will affect your health.