What is Amour API?


On-line access to warehouse resources


The ability to integrate the warehouse with any store platform


An advanced product search engine using Full Search Text mechanism


Access to a database of high quality product photos


The possibility of placing orders


Connecting to API using an SSL certificate

Start using Amour API

Amour API allows developers to build their own web applications or online stores based on P.H. Intercomstic warehouse resources.

The API is fully based on REST technology and enables:

  • access to the account management panel available at the address Panel Amour
  • downloading information about products available in the warehouse with descriptions, photos, prices and EAN codes
  • providing the search engine with products based on the Full Search Text mechanism and the semantics of the Polish language, which means that there is no need to use complicated forms and a single input field enables the client to enter any phrase, eg “Chanel fragrance”
  • product presentations in the store based on API product information
  • customer management through dedicated Panel Amour
  • sending orders directly to Amour using a dedicated API interface

Amour API technical documentation

Technical documentation of all API interfaces for Partners is available at: Dokumentacja techniczna Amour API

In order to secure the exchange of information between the Partner's website and the API, all communication is encrypted using a 128-bit key.

Access Amour API

To access the API, please contact us at the following e-mail address: biuro@ph-intercosmetic.pl

In the e-mail, please provide your name, telephone number and how you would like to use the Amour API.

Price list

The cost of access to the Amour API is calculated based on the sales of goods available in the warehouse and individually calculated margin.