Cookie files

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small piece of text data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser (mainly on a hard drive). The cookies parameters allow only the server to read the information contained in them. Cookies are most often used for counters, polls, online stores, websites that require to log in, advertisements and to monitor visitor activity.

What functions do cookies fulfill?

Cookies contain various information about the user of a given website and the history of its communication with the website. Thanks to them the owner of the server which sent cookies can easily get to know the user's IP address, as well as, for example, check which pages he has browsed before and after accessing his website. In addition, the server owner can check which browser the user uses and if there was any error information when displaying the page. Please note that this data are not associated with specific person browsing the site, but only with a computer connected to the internet on which cookies have been saved (the IP address is used for this).

What do we use cookies for? uses cookies for various purposes:
  • For SItes to work quicker and to be easier to use,
  • for better matching the content and adds available on Sites to your expectations and interests.
  • to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our sites, and to help improve their functionality and content.

By using cookies in the manner described above, we never identify users' identities based on information stored in cookies.

How long is the data in cookies stored?

Permanent cookies remain on your device for as long as their set time of life or until you delete them.

Types of cookies used on the Sites.

Types of cookiesWhat are they used for?
Necessary for websites to workNecessary for the proper functioning of the Pages, they allow you to navigate through them and use their elements. For example, they can remember previous activities (eg open texts) when returning to a page in the same session.
They improve performanceCollecting information about how our visitors use websites by providing information about the areas they visit, how much time they spend there and the problems they encounter, for example: Error messages. That helps us to improve the work of websites
They improve functionalityRemembering your settings and choices (e.g. username, region in which you are, personalized content settings) to provide you with more personalized content and services.
AdvertisingProviding you with advertisements that match your interests and limiting the number of impressions for a given ad. These cookies also allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Do we use third party cookies?

Yes, using the websites you can receive cookies from third parties cooperating with such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, as well as from companies that implement advertising campaigns on the websites of on behalf of advertisers. You can find more information about these cookies on the websites of individual third parties.

This is how to change the browser settings so that you can turn off automatic saving of cookies:

Internet Explorer